Winning Students

Canoeing Scholarships

Canoeists are nominated for a scholarship by the Scottish Canoe Association (SCA) Performance Director, Remi Gaspard, following SCA Performance Group meetings.

To be considered for selection, canoeists must be:

  • Part of the British Canoeing World Class Programmes, or;
  • Showing potential to join the British Canoeing World Class Programmes within 18-36 months, or;
  • Part of the Great Britain team with medal potential in World Class disciplines - e.g. Polo, Marathon, Wildwater, Freestyle - and;
  • Complete the SCA application form before 31 August

The number of places is determined by the size of the award available to the sport and, should the applications outweigh the scholarships available, places will be awarded based on distance from world best and athlete profile.

The Scottish Canoe Association has until 30 September to submit nominations for the current year. For further details of the nomination and selection process, or to confirm your eligibility, please contact Remi Gaspard.



Scottish Canoe Association


Application Timeline

  • On Your Marks!

    Individual Scholarship nominations must be submitted by 31 March.

  • Get Set!

    All nominated athletes complete and return their paperwork by 30 September.

  • Go!

    Core sport and Individual Scholarship athletes are announced each October.

  • Congratulations!

    Support runs from October until the following June.