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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I apply to become a Winning Student?

If you compete in a core sport, no. If you compete in a different sport, you can nominate yourself directly or ask a representative from your sport, college or university to nominate you for an Individual Scholarship. Full selection criteria is available on the scholarship web page.

I'm still at school. Can I apply?

Yes. School leavers hoping to attend college should should provide proof of application and those looking to attend university should provide their UCAS application number.

I'm from England. Can I apply?

Yes. Anyone with a British passport can apply provided they are studying or set to study at a college or university in Scotland. Applicants must also meet the age and sporting criteria.

I'm 36. Can I apply?

Upper age limits are flexible and nominations will still be considered.

My college isn't a member of the Winning Students network. Is this a problem?

No. Nominations can still be submitted and Winning Students will contact the college on your behalf inviting them to join the network.

What is a core sport?

Winning Students core sports are the sports in which students are nominated for a scholarship by the relevant governing body of sport. These sports are: Badminton, Canoeing, Curling, Football (Women only), Golf, Hockey, Judo, Orienteering, Rowing, Swimming, Tennis and Triathlon.

What sports qualify for an Individual Scholarship?

Any sports which are either individual sports or small-sided such as bobsleigh. Team sports and sports already listed as core sports do not qualify.

How much funding can I expect to receive?

The total amount of funding varies from £1900-£6000 over the course of a year, but each core sport receives different levels of funding and athletes within sports can receive different amounts. Ordinarily, there are two levels of funding for individual scholars. Those who are currently UK Sport funded are likely to receive £1900-£2000, and those not currently UK Sport funded are likely to receive £3000-£3800. 

What can the funding be spent on?

This is flexible and can be spent on both sporting costs such as competition fees and equipment and on academic costs such as term-time accommodation and study materials.

Who decides how the scholarship funding is spent?

You do, in discussion with your governing body of sport and college or university Winning Students co-ordinator. Once nominated for a scholarship, you will receive a Service Level Request (SLR) form which is completed and returned before being ratified by Winning Students. SLR Explained (PDF) outlines how the Service Level Request Form works.

Who runs Winning Students?

The scholarships are run by the University of Stirling, Scotland's University for Sporting Excellence. It receives funding annually from the Scottish Funding Council to deliver the programme, guided by an advisory board comprising representatives from the sport, college and university sectors.