Winning Students 100


Benefits of a Winning Students 100 Scholarship

  • A Winning Students 100 scholarship will support student-athletes with up to £3000 per annum, providing tailored support and academic flexibility.
  • Scholarships are awarded on a twelve-month basis and reviewed annually.

Scholarships are available to full-time and part-time students (minimum of 60 credits) at college or university in Scotland and to able-bodied and disability athletes.

Scholarship funding can be spent on a number of support services from student accommodation to competition fees and sports equipment.

We work closely with Scottish Governing Bodies of Sport and with the sportscotland institute of sport to ensure this funding complements existing support.

Who is eligible for a Winning Students 100 Scholarship?

  • Athletes who are British passport holders, studying at least 60 credits at a college or university in Scotland.
  • Athletes from Olympic, Paralympic and Commonwealth sports* are eligible to apply.
  • Athletes should be aged between 16-28 for able-bodied athletes or aged 16-35 for disability athletes.
  • The student athlete must be residing in Scotland alongside their studies.

*sports must be included within the 2024 Summer Olympics/Paralympics, 2026 Winter Olympics/Paralympics, or within the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games, to be eligible.

Educational Eligibility Criteria

Student athletes eligible for Winning Students 100 scholarships must be:

  • over statutory school age;
  • studying at an institution that hold membership of the Winning Students 100 network;
  • be registered on a recognised education programme in colleges and universities;
  • student athletes studying at college must be registered on a recognised course of study that involves at least seven hours of course delivery time per week;
  • student athletes studying at University must be an internally registered* student on a credit rated course (e.g. HND, undergraduate or postgraduate degree)** and should be undertaking a study programme equivalent to at least 60 credits per year. Postgraduate student athletes should be undertaking a study programme of no less that 50% of the full-time student programme.

* A student who is classified by the institution’s Registrar as a student who is studying at the member institution or assigned campus in an internal classification.

** That is a course that is registered under CATS (Credit Accumulation and Transfer Scheme).

General Selection Principles

To be considered for a Winning Students 100 Scholarship, athletes should have attained the following level in their sport (listed in priority order):

  1. Olympic/Paralympic representation at a previous games;
  2. Commonwealth Games representation at Birmingham 2022;
  3. GB World Class Programme selection (at present);
  4. GB/Scotland Senior International selections at a previous major Championships;
  5. GB Junior Squad Representation at a previous major Championships;
  6. World University Games representation at a previous Championships;
  7. other recent international representation will be considered by the management committee based on merit/strength of competition.  

In addition:

  • an athlete must be committed to compete within a governing body’s performance programme for the scholarship award year;
  • an athlete must demonstrate excellent conduct as a student, high performance athlete and role model for the Winning Students Programme.

How to apply for a Winning Students scholarship?

  • Apply directly via our online portal.
  • Awards will be announced towards the end of November 2023.

Application Process

Step 1: Register on the Winning Students 100 Portal.

Step 2: Complete the application form on the Winning Students 100 portal.

Step 3: Institutions and Governing Bodies contacted to confirm applicants meet the academic criteria.

Step 4: Review of applications by Winning Students 100.

Step 5: Outcomes communicated to applicants.

Step 6: Successful athletes complete agreement and provide further information.

Key Dates

Application Window: Wednesday 20 September to Wednesday 11 October 2023

Review of Applications: Thursday 12 October to Friday 17 November 2023

Outcomes announced: from week commencing 20 November 2023

For all questions or queries regarding scholarships, please contact David Bond 

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